Sojourner: a traveler who stays in a place for a certain time...
Grace for Life's Journey...
" must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind."
       The Book of James, Chapter 1, verse 6
               The Bible -  New International Version, 1984 

Generosity   Redemption Acceptance Compassion Encourgement

God's  G   R   A   C   E  makes life worth living as we sojourn here for a little while...  
Traveling Inspiration
As a believer in Jesus Christ, filled by the Holy Spirit, called to commend God's generosity, redemption, acceptance, compassion, and encouragement, and set apart for service, I hope to offer JOY for the JOURNEY as we travel along as His children doing KINGDOM work together...changing the world one relationship at a the name above every name...the name of Jesus Christ! 
Our PACE [Proficiency  Attitude Committment Efficiency]  increases because we are JOYFUL, enlightened Christians caring for one another.  
GraceLifeSojourner BLOG
 As a teacher-preacher-pastor, my BLOG is dedicated first and foremost to glorify Jesus Christ!  I aim to offer help, hope, and hindsights/insights as we press on toward the goal of  winning the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus...our high calling is in Jesus Christ, empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT, to live as He lived, to love as He loved, and to travel LIGHT...  
Thank you for reading my we seek together to know the Master's business. As His friends we will share experiences to help each another as we travel along. 
"I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his Master's business. Instead I called you friends, for everything I learned from my Father I have made known to you."        The Gospel of John 15: 15

  1. Acrostically Inclined...
    You will notice that I use acrostics in my BLOG not to be clever but to promote recollection! Over the years as I have had the privilege to teach and preach in diverse places, the Holy Spirit has allowed acrostics to help me edify, magnify, and simply sharing Biblical TRUTH.
GraceLifeSojourner - son, brother, husband,
daddy... seeker, teacher, preacher, pastor
About me: I was born in Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Baptist Hospital and am humbly and proudly married to the best preacher's wife in the world! I have been preaching since the age of 14 and "pretending" to be a preacher since the age of 5 by playing "funeral" with my childhood playmates who relunctantly would lay prone and deadly still in my little red wagon with a spray of assorted weedy flowers upon thier chest as we "processed" to the "gravesite".  Then solemn words were delievered, the "corpse" covered with pinestraw, scripture reading, hymn singing, and loud wailing would follow and thereby authenticate my determination to be a preacherboy.
Conducting childhood funerals would giveway to a public profession of calling at a very early age. My pastor upon my confession of being called to be a preacher wisely commended me to wait until I was older to "come forward again". I did as I was told and would walk the aisle at the age of fourteen to sojourn by His grace through this life as a preacherman.
I give God all the glory for being duly influenced by great mentors of my calling and profession: Randy Hardeman, Earl Stallings, Nelson Price, Sam Matthews, Marcus Drake, Paul Walker, Mark Rutland,  H. L. Whittington, Harrell Wood, Hoyt Blackwell, Cecil Sherman, Randal Lolly, Bill Self,  Denise Beltzner, and Frank Harrington...all tremendous preachers and teachers of the Gospel.  Thier ministries emulate the New Testament call to exhort, offer consolation, encouragement, and prophesy.  
Over the years I have gladly and sometimes sadly served churches in North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia. 
I currently serve God's people who are His church called New Covenant Fellowship in Conyers, Georgia. Through and by the Holy Spirit, Dena Lynne and I are so very fortunate to have sojourned  to NCF to offer our calling and spiritual gifts to the great folks of New Covenant. The joy we share as we tarry there with our brothers and sisters is an exceptional joy.  As we grow, glow, and go in Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit there are happy days ahead! 
I have been educated well at serveral high caliber educational institutions and earned a Masters of Divinty from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Caolina and have been privileged to do post MDiv work at various places seeking to complete a higher degree one day in Leadership Studies.  BUT, experience is the truest teacher [with help of the Holy Spirit] and I am very grateful for all the folks who have tolerated me over the years as I "press on" to do and give my best for His glory.    
The Family: [front row] Jeeves and Rufus daughter Bethany RuthAnne, my bride of 33 years - Dena Lynne, me; [back row] Josh - the husband of daughter Amanda Lynne , and Kimberly - wife of our son Matthew Caleb... we are a blessed family!   
     Preacherman Mark