Sojourner: a traveler who stays in a place for a certain time...
I hope to journal experiences, ideas and notions that offer insight into our grace-life-sojourn as born again people. We as brothers and sisters confess and name the name of Jesus as our Savior and Lord and we need to be honest about our aspirations! We all should aspire to reach higher ground in our sojourn each day.
The journey is difficult, the way is narrow...few find it.  But unless we encounter Christ Jesus and become Authentic Christ-centered Transcendent Spirit-filled people [ACTS People]
no one will believe nor embrace our WITNESS. 
There is no claim of expertise here just a claim of experiencing His G R A C E. I know His Generosity, Redeeming power, Acceptance, Compassion, and Encouragement to be authentic and real.
As a preacher I hope to use the world-wide-web-media-vehcile to:
                                              1. Glorify Jesus Christ the Living Son of the Living God;
                                              2. Amplify the Holy Spirit's role in making our sojourn happy, JOYFUL, and successful;
                                              3. Clarify that people who claim Him as Savior and Lord ought to be radiant and vibrant ;
                                              4. Verify that the radiant, vibrant believer/church celebrates and knows that:
                                                Christ Jesus is the only agent and means of redemption and restoration
                                                   Hope and help comes only from the Lord Jesus
                                                   Understanding must take precedence over judgement
                                                   Right-wiseness [righteousness] to live abundantly only comes from the WORD      
                                                   Compassion leads to conversions as we live out Biblical Precepts/LOVE;      
                                                   Happiness [JOY!] is contagious and must be ever-present in our lives and congregations

Again, why BLOG!?
To commend GRACE from a preacher's perspective as we travel here for this certain time. 
I am just a simple preacher pilgrim ALWAYS pensively and prayerfully pondering my next sermon!        Constantly listening for the 'word' of exhortation, encouragement, enlightenment, and exaltation!
Being a preacherman is EXHAUSTING. 
It's a 24/7 adventure.
It is a rough life oftentimes. Sometimes the Holy Spirit falls fresh and freely;
permitting a meaningful, solid message to come together in one simple outpouring session of
pensive, prayerful, powerful preparation. 
Those moments are rare "shekinah-glory" moments!  When the Holy Spirit settles in and prevails and provides His message instantaneously! But more than not there is a constant ebb and flow of not feeling worthy to be in the busness [business] of weekly pontification - [now bear with me] offering 
            authentic BIBILICAL-GOSPEL-SPIRITUAL accentuation, affirmation, bountification, clarification, confirmation, delineation, elevation, factualization, glorification, harmonization, inspiration, illumination,  justitification, jublilation, kingdomization, motivation, optimization, purification, reconciliation, restoration,
triumphantization, unification, verification, and zealification!
[creative linguistics, I know! I Know...]
But to God be the Glory that most preacher-people give it our best shot week-in and week-out.
It is a fearful thing to attempt to preach and lead folks to higher ground.
May be BLOGging will be cathartic...releasing ponderances and helping me as much as I hope to help others.   
I am thankful for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! 
The trifecta of our faith!  
To be sure, the 'correct order' of our Christian Life.
To God be the Glory as we travel this sod, we are all in the Family, the Family God!
As gracelifesojourners let's make the best of this life...for we are only here for a certain time.  

This IS the Day

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LightHouse Village

Faith Words:  Motivated                                    Liberated











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So the question of the day is: are we activated? Have we made our confession that Jesus is LORD to the Glory of the Father. If so, do we understand that the WORD of GOD provides understanding into the thoughts of GOD. His WILL is revealed in His Holy Word. Because of our confession we now must make CONCESSIONS to live and travel as He intends us to live and move and be all that we can and should be in Jesus Christ. 

The Bible is essential to knowing the desires of God of how we can be reconciled to Him through His Son. To see Jesus is to see GOD [that's what Jesus told us] and Jesus gives us an ADVANTAGE, the HOLY SPIRIT, who accelerates our faith and authenticates our FAITH. Otherwise, how can we be activated, detonated, exhilerated, emancipated, invigorated, liberated, and motivated to enable His KINGDOM to come and His WILL be done here? 

There are so many opinions/options/overtures...we are not called to be OPINIONATED but we are called to be OBLIGATED.  Our devotion leads to being saturated and stimulated to be people of AFFLUENCE (Biblical wisdom) and INFLUENCE (radiance! ---> light, salt, new wine). Ponder the words listed again in random order. Say them outloud...ASK and then let the HOLY SPIRIT move over you as you make these words your own; not just to increase your vocabulary but to consider the dynamics of your faith. Are you, as a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian... 
                  Activated?   OBLIGATED? and motivated to do greater things?
 Jesus says,  "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my Name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask anything in my Name and I will do it."  John's Gospel - Chapter 14:12-14   NIV 1984

What in the world are you doing?  We can not change the world without activated, accelerated, authenticated (Authentic  Christ-centered  Transcendent   Spirit-filled folks), detonated (POWERFUL-dynamic), emancipated, exhilerated, invigorated, liberated, motivated, obligated, saturated, stimulated believers. PLEASE ask the Holy Spirit to Increase your AFFLUENCE so your INFLUENCE will make a difference.                
                                                    "Thy Kingdom Come...Thy Will be Done..."  Amen.